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Friday, 15 September 2017

Lighthouse services

Yesterday we joined together as a school community to celebrate the importance of the light  that God brings into our lives in two very special services, one for KS1 children and the other for KS2 children.

At each of the services staff were presented with a lighthouse to keep in their classrooms. We use the image of a lighthouse in school to remind us of both the source of the light that inspires us and also the light that we are called to be in our world. Their prescence in each classroom will be a daily reminder of Jesus call to be lights that can been seen.

As ever Kate, Sharon and Sami engaged us in the theme of the service in amusing and funny ways - great to see a tent being erected in church and a blindfold race that will lead to Sami and I being gunged int he morning service at church on Sunday!

As we start our new school year, we wanted to be focused on the love that God gives to us, to be confident that we are his children - 1 John 3 v 1 is our verse of the term - and to commit ourselves to making a difference together. Today will leave many special memories in all aspects of our school community.