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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Kingswood 3

Kingswood 3

After a great nights sleep the boys have woken up in a productive mood. They have showered in some cases - actually Jayden S has been the star shower man, partaking in the deluge morning and evening!!  After getting themselves ready they have packed, stripped their beds, taken the linen to the laundry, tidied the rooms and taken their bags to the drop off area all before 8.15am and way ahead of the girls!! Mr Chivers and I have organised a well-drilled military precision year 6 boys TEAM, which has incorporated into it some cosmic communication and punctual precision and practical problem solving. We have learnt how to support each other like an ailing bird tending its nest!! Sorry, Mr Chivers has been assessing my writing and today I am going simile mad like Kante trying to make that tackle!
The girls, well, as slovenly as a sloth, who have just woken up from a three month snooze and have decided to sloven all day!! It is as if they had left their torches on all night and have woken to a dull, dim, yellow speck of nothingness!

Activity 8 - Go-Karts

The two drivers challenging for the title were Joel Hamilton and Arun Senna. Deep rooted win-at-all-cost attitudes and a complete aversion to danger has led these two racers to be competing for the title here today. Arun drove first and set a competitive time of just over 22 seconds. His arch rival Joel then entered the arena to a huge roar from the crowd. He settled into his seat and a wave of anticipation settled over the scene. Joel started up his motor and imagined his victory.  There he goes! Hamilton attacked the first corner at break-neck speed, like a year 6 being told that the shop is open, he broke at the entrance, checked his mirrors for clear passage then accelerated over the threshold into the wide open space beyond.
Four laps later and Joel was at full speed, sliding around the corners and deafening the crowd from the purr of his engine. The finish line came into view, the last vestiges of full pumped through the engine as he launched for the line…..and over. Mrs Orton checked his time, the crowd fell silent, all eyes fixated on the timekeeper. The scoreboard lit up with 21 seconds!! Joel had won. Quietly he made his way to the victory circle and reluctantly raised his arms to the delirious crowd.

‘Make way for the champion’ came the cry from behind them. The veteran Orton stepped into the arena, determined to show these young pups how it was done in the olden days. True enough, 17 seconds and the champ reigned victorious!! The smile will be there for some time I'm sure.

Activity 9 - Shelter Building

This does exactly what it says in the tin!! The group had to build a shelter to protect them from the elements.
Here is one Jo built - compact and bijoux, snug fit for one!

Meanwhile the girls have been very industrious - trying to make up for earlier I suppose. Quickly the beginnings of a ground floor accommodation arises from the floor. Martha even swept the floor clean - this one is going to be amazing. Ruby has collected the three piece suite and the en-suite is coming on nicely.
If I was ever stranded it would be the girls I would ask to build my shelter. Well done Emily, Martha, Ruby, Amy and Ruby.

This is the last part as I need to send it to school before the long journey home. Staff are looking forward to a nice quiet coach and a restful, uneventful passage to Leicester.

The children have been great, in the main, and thrown themselves into the activities. I don't think I have been with a group that was so willing to try everything no matter how afraid they were. We have definitely learnt about team work, problem solving and communication which we hope will transfer into every day life both at home and at school.

My thanks go to the amazing staff that have accompanied me on this adventure, Cheerful Chivers, Outstanding Orton, Perfection Personified Pallett and the indomitable Jovial Jo. Without them this trip would not have been as fun, educational or inspirational and I know that my reading fan base (you lot) will thank them personally (all 3 of you).

See you in a few hours.
Mr Pibworth.