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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Love rejoices in the truth

Our assembly themes move on to focus on Paul’s call to rejoice in the truth. A simple statement, but what does  it mean and what does it look like in practice?


An interesting place to start in our assemblies could be the concept of truth itself? It would seem difficult to rejoice in something if we don’t know what it is.


It is a powerful question – What is truth? One that really gets you thinking if you give a few moments to consider your answer. I did this earlier and it’s still ticking away in the background!


But also what does it mean to rejoice in something and what does this look like in our response to things in our daily lives? 


Equally it would be important to consider whether we can actually rejoice in things that are not ‘truth’  and what impact this has on our relationships with one another and God?


Clearly truth is not just a fact about something. If it was I think Paul would have focused elsewhere in his response to what love is.


So what does Paul mean when he challenges us to rejoice in the truth and do we really seek to put this into practice in our daily lives as Corinthians challenges us to do, or is it just something that we try to comfortably ignore?


A number of thought provoking questions for all of us to ask ourselves and explore together this week.