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Friday, 13 February 2015

4V blog again!

Class 4V wanted to share some of their thoughts on their work studying The Borrowers as well as a few other things, so please read on !

“In this marvellous book, the fantastic charcters are: little Arietty, Homily and Pod.  There is also a human boy.  My favourite is Arietty, this is because she is always curious to see what is going to happen next.”

“This happy family of miniature people (called ‘The Borrowers’) borrow things from ‘Human Beans’!  One day, Arietty goes borrowing and , even though she was told not to, she talks to a boy.  The next thing they know, they’re on a chaotic adventure to save their race.”

“My favourite character is Homily because she is funny and will suddenly start to cry.  Another thing I like about Homily is the fact that she is passionate about what she wants to do.”

“We loved reading the book and comparing it to the movie!”

“We have produced so much good work that we have filled our cube jar and have earned ourselves a reward party at the start of next half term!”

“I have learnt all the scientific words I need to explain the water cycle.”