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Friday, 27 February 2015

Burn like a star

This half term our 'signature ' tune for assemblies will be 'Burn like a star' by REND Collective.

The words encourage us to to consider our own response to God's love as well as to seek to share His love with others. In addition we will continue to be considering how we respond to God's call to make a difference together through the strength that He gives.

It has been great to have the year 6 action team working with me in creating actions to match the words. Yet again they have come up with suggestions that involve full on participation, high energy and creativity! Another favourite song in the making I believe!


We were born for greater things
We were born to chase Your dreams
Come my Lord, awaken holy fire

We are turning from our sin
We are praying once again
Come my Lord, awaken holy fire

We are aching for the real thing
Hearts are open wide

Burn like a star
Light a fire in our hearts

 Send revival start in us
Set Your holy spark in us
Send us out in resurrection power