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Friday, 6 October 2017

Harvest festival at St Johns

It was great to celebrate harvest in church yesterday with the help of Sami and the team. Each of the services focused on our response to the provision that God's creation provides. Each service had a slightly different approach, but biscuits seemed to be a constant theme! The prayers and readings were delivered in their usual imaginative way. Many thanks to Mrs Brewin, Mrs Marlow, Mrs Orton, Mrs Shore and Mrs Pallet for pulling all these together and to the children in their classes who delivered this aspect of the service with such confidence and creativity. 

The gifts the children brought, filled the tables and we are very thankful for your support in providing such a quantity of produce to share with the Open Hands Charity and the Red Cross. harvest is certainly an example of making a difference together in action! 

Sharon and Kate were as entertaining and thought provoking as ever. The parachute and ball illustration was particularly powerful, a very visual example of how to share things. In addition for the first time we had a drummer ( one of our KS2 children) to accompany Kate and I with the music. She certainly set a driving rhythm behind the drum shields and her contribution was certainly a big hit with everyone. 

In addition we were able to present our last set of class lighthouses to our Foundation class teachers. These act as a daily reminder in our classrooms of the light that God brings into our own lives, but also calls us to share with each other.

It was another amazing afternoon!