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Friday, 27 October 2017

David and Goliath

This week we have been thinking about the time that a young shepherd boy came face to face with what can only be called a giant. David considered many options, the armour of the king being one. But in the end he chose what he knew best , the sling.

Was he afraid? It's hard to believe that he wasn't! Goliath had a fearsome reputation and as David walked out to face him I am sure many on both sides thought that this was a foregone conclusion.

But afraid or not, David was confident in one thing, that God was with him and that therefore Goliath was no more a challenge than anything else he had faced before.

He chose his stone carefully, focused on the target and probably blocked out the jeers and shouts of the other warriors. His aim was true and Goliath fell.

What have we taken from this in our assemblies this week?

Firstly that nerves are natural and are something to be acknowledged and managed. In fact sometimes they are an essential part of bringing out the best in us.  Chris Bonnington, the famous Everest climber, once said that the moment he stopped being afraid, was the time he would stop climbing mountains. Fear and nerves were the things that kept him alive.

Secondly that God is clear throughout the bible in his promise that He is always with us. No matter what the situation, no matter how we feel, no matter what others say. He is always with us.

Our year 4 children from Mrs Kirby's class shared a song with us in assembly that sums all of this up.

May this be an encouragement to us all.