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Friday, 4 November 2016

Keeping a promise

This week in our assemblies we have been thinking of the challenge faced by Moses and the Israelites of crossing the Red Sea as they were being persued by Pharoah and his chariots.

It must have been a scary moment and a moment when maybe Moses wondered what he was going to do next.

God had promised to deliver the people from Egypt and bring them to a new land, but there in front of them was the Red Sea. How would they escape,what would happen next?

Around school this week I have posted three questions. Each designed to get us to think about the promises we make and how succesful we are in keeping them. But also to get us to consider that what we know about the promise giver is as important as the promise itself.

The parting of the Red Sea and the delivery of the people to safety was another demonstration of God's faithfulness and the fact that he always delivers on his promises.

As Moses stood before the Red Sea I wonder how confident he was? He knew that God had delivered on everything to date and as such was he confident about what would happen next?

Our key thought was that we can have confidence in God, because we know he always delivers on his promises. It is not always easy and I am sure that we have all faced our own 'Red Sea' moment when the doubt sets in.

But as Moses discovered, God will always show us a way through what ever challenges we face and will always be there, walking alongside us.