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Friday, 6 March 2015

Actions and words.

In our Key Stage one assembly on Wednesday we considered what it means to protect, hope, trust and persevere. Challenging words maybe for our younger classes and so we added in a few actions and words to make the key ideas come to life.

For protect we picked up on the Old Testament imagery of God as our rock and our shield and thought about how love always seeks to protect and provide support.

For trust, we spelt out the word itself in single letters and punched the air at the end.

For hope we considered how this is something that wants things to be better. Hope looks at how things are now and seeks to make a difference. To support this we came up with the line - You got to hold on. This was emphasised by focusing on drawing out the word hold and rolling our heads in a circle, great fun!

Finally for perseverance we linked to the idea that we need to keep on going, so running on the spot was an obvious action for this.

Great fun having nearly 200 children being involved at the same time!

The challenge at the end of the assembly, take the ideas home and see if you can get Mum and Dad involved!  

Now that might require some perseverance!