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Wednesday, 21 February 2018



It’s a strange word and people probably see this in many different ways, but with the KS2 children I was talking to them about how justice is very much the same as equality in assembly yesterday. In the Old Testament God calls his people to act justly in their daily life. What exactly might that mean? 

I took the slant, that if we think about how we treat people and if this is always equal, it gives us a good guide to how justly we might be living.

I gave them a few thoughts to reflect on about how important the word ALL can be.

Do we treat ALL people the same
Do we respect ALL people the same
Do we encourage ALL people the same
Do we listen to ALL people the same
Do we care for ALL things the same

It seems to me that justice and equality are intertwined and if we reflect on Jesus' challenge to love our neighbour as ourselves, then we might truly see justice and equality at work.

So that was my challenge to them this week? 

Simply; if we hope for Justice, we also have to be ones who act justly.