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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Love is

 Our theme for this term is that of HOPE and it has been wonderful to read the thoughts of the children as they have responded to this idea. I was particularly impressed with what the year 6 children brought to the whole school assembly on Friday, rooting the idea of peace in their own experiences and those of their families.  It has also been great to see different approaches to reflecting on this in and around the school, with some thought provoking ideas in the classrooms. I am very grateful for all that the staff contribute to the collective worship of the school.

This week’s  theme of love has focused on actions as opposed to feelings, although the latter is a very essential part of the experience of love.

I shared with the key stage two classes on Tuesday one of my favourite verse from the bible – For God so loved the world that He gave His only son. This to me is a clear demonstration of love in action, for the sending of Jesus is rooted in God’s love for his creation and particularly us. It is this love that leads to action and it is this action that clearly demonstrates his love for us.  So we considered in assembly how we might take action this week to show love to others.  In doing so I asked the children to respond to the challenge of Mahatma Gandhi –‘ Be the change you want to be in the world’. A phrase that was more recently used by Barack Obama when he said ‘ We are the change we seek’ .


I finished the assembly with a reflection based on the life of Martin Luther King Jnr, a man who certainly sought to share love by his actions and to be the change that he wanted to see.

May we continue to focus on what it is we hope for over the coming weeks.