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Friday, 12 May 2017

Miracles or magic?

Our global theme this week led us to think about the importance of food and how easily we take it for granted as well as the amazing diversity, texture and creative opportunities that the world's food supply brings. Closing our eyes in one assembly we imagined our favourite food and took a few moment sot thank god for His creativity and provision.

In addition we have been looking at the questions that were raised by Jesus' miracles, focusing on particular on the feeding of the 5,000. Today in whole school assembly we considered some amazing magic tricks, from spoons that bend to playing cards that end up in the middle of fruit!

Magician's promote headlines with their amazing acts and in the same way so did Jesus. People continually asked ' Who is this man?' Even Jesus himself asked his disciples ' Who do you say I am?'

Magicians tricks are exactly what they are - tricks; created by careful planning, distraction and a range of other techniques. They are not real. But what about Jesus' miracles, what do we say about them?

So today we paused to consider the question - Who do we think Jesus is?

Who are you ?
The one who turned water into wine
Gave the blind their sight, the lame the chance to walk
The one who raised people from the dead
The one who spoke with such authority and purpose
Who are you?
The one who shared the bread and wine
The one who forgave and offered new life
The one who attracted thousands
Who touched the leper and made him whole
Who are you?
Magician, conjurer, wise man, prophet
Preacher, Rabbi, teacher, mad man or fool 
Son of God, light of the world, creater and sustainer
Who are you?