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Friday, 7 April 2017

An time to choose

As the clock ticks away on this final day of the spring term we complete our Easter journey together.

We have considered so many different things over the past few weeks as we have looked at specific aspects of the Easter story.

Yesterday we thought about the choices that Jesus made and how in the same way we all make choices everyday. Choices are not sometimes easy and sometimes we make the wrong ones. But the amazing thing is that our positive choices can make a real difference to the people around us.

So I set the whole school an Easter challenge yesterday.

Over the Easter period I asked them to consider what choices they could make that would make a difference to someone. Was this just choosing to say thank you, or to offer to help? Or was it a decison to make sure keep our room tidy ( a very real challenge for some of us!) over the Easter holidays, or to rememer to think before we respond to something that might annoy us? There are so many choices that we make each day and each of those can make a difference.

So that's our challenge this Easter.

Jesus chose to ride into Jerusalem to make a difference for all of us. As a school community, what difference can we make this holiday?