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Friday, 2 December 2016

Diocesan Schools Advent Service

Today myself and a small group of children had the pleasure of attending the annual Diocesan Schools Advent Service at Leicester Cathedral, this time entitled The Gift.

With schools from across the Diocese, we joined together to remember the importance of Advent and to consider how , even some 2,000 years later, we should respond to the birth of the Christ Child.

As part of the service we were asked to bring donations to support the Leicester Welcome Project, which seeks to provide practical support to asylum seekers living in and near Leicester. Donations of essential foods and baby care items were made by each school that attended. A practical outworking of the love that God has shown us through Christmas.

We brought away chocolate coins as a symbol of the gifts we had given. 

In our whole school assembly this afternoon we had the chance to share readings and prayers from the service. As well as lead the whole school in prayer as we brought before God the needs of people who have no homes currently and who have left so much behind as they seek a new life, away from war and persecution.